Kedi – A Man Imprisoned by Apartheid

I met Kedi Mathope at the Johannesburg Int’l Comedy Festival (#JICF). He was hired to make sure the comics got to their gigs.  On this day, we drive alone through Soweto, the township that was home to Nelson Mandela.  As we drive, Kedi tells me about the night he was taken from his parent’s home and imprisoned for nearly a year without ever being charged.His spirit is beautiful and I am honored to call him a new friend.


2 responses to “Kedi – A Man Imprisoned by Apartheid

  1. Wow. What a sweet guy. Really puts things in perspective…
    BTW, was called this week by a mutual “friend”. A booker, really. A Marc Feinson called me about a possible holiday gig for The DeciBelles. Somehow, talking about comics, I mentioned your name and he’s all like, Oh, Mo’s a friend of mine. And I’m thinking, your a booker; I’M HER FRIEND, dammit! 🙂 Anyway, keep on keepin’ on… xo

    • You crack me up! I love the infighting for rights to my friendship. I need more of that! lol Marc has become a friend over the years. But, of course, you’ve been a friend longer!! xo

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