I am a New York City-based, 40-something woman who left the world of broadcast journalism to pursue standup comedy 12 years ago.   And while I still provide commentary to ABC, FOX, MSNBC and others, I make my living (or lack thereof) and lead my life full-time as a standup comic.       When people find out they are often awed.  “Good for you, living the dream.”      And I think,  if they only knew. 

Standup comedy is not an easy road for anyone, but it is especially unkind to women and those who aren’t of the Comedy Central demographic.   My goal in these daily blogs is not to be funny or unfunny, but to be honest about my personal journey in this crazy business, to share the ups and downs, the indignities and the rewards.   My hope is that I will share far more triumphs than disappointments.  Hey, maybe I’ll even get my big break and you’ll be a fly on the wall to it all!


2 responses to “About

  1. I had a great time tonight watching you here in Syracuse, I hope someday to also live my dream and do what you are doing. Keep up the good work, you were great.

  2. Just as adorable and even funnier than when we were in high school!

    Congrats on all your success Mo!

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